Made with passion. Made in Germany.

Listan GmbH was founded in 2000, and has since grown from its humble roots into a globally operating company with internal product development teams and more than 100 employees, while always staying true to itself: We’re still a medium-sized company, residing in the northern Germany town Glinde – and very proud of not only the excellent quality of our products and the resulting very high customer satisfaction, but also of the very laid-back work atmosphere, offering a flat hierarchy, fast decision-making and long-term employee retention. We gather many of our staff on a regular basis in our headquarters, celebrating another successful year – our company holiday parties and summer festivals are quite legendary and each time full of surprises.

We began back in 2000 as an online shop for PC components, selling directly to consumers in Germany. 2002 we decided to introduce our very own brands with internal product development into the mix: be quiet!, our main brand, has grown to become the leading manufacturer of premium PC power supplies, cases and cooling solutions around the world. In 2013, we acquired the rights to the Xilence brand, a former competitor. Both brands offer very individual solutions for PC enthusiasts from all walks of life. While our headquarters are located in Germany, our international teams also operate from Poland, Taiwan, the U.S., China, France, Russia, Ukraine and the U.K.

The secret of our success is not just the uncompromisingly high quality demand and the usage of established as well as newest technology but also the urge for constant advancement: We never accept the status quo, our products are never “good enough”. Quite the opposite: even the best ones can always be better! All of our components are being developed by our expert teams and continuously held to the highest standards. We are not interested in quick-and-dirty success, but in a solid and healthy growth. Each and every one of our products is made with passion, designed for highest reliability and longevity.