be quiet! introduces new premium products at Computex 2023

Glinde, June 1, 2023 - be quiet!, the German manufacturer for premium PC components, presents several new products due for release later this year at Computex 2023, booth I0412 in Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1. Highlights from be quiet! include a new premium power supply series, Straight Power 12, as well as several new PC cases: Dark Base Pro 901, Dark Base 701, and the Shadow Base 800 series. be quiet! is also showing its own riser cable for a vertical installation of graphics cards in compatible cases.

Dark Base Pro 901: Innovative flagship case with state-of-the-art features

Dark Base Pro 901 is the new be quiet! flagship case and it’s the epitome of a flexible yet user-friendly case with innovative solutions and state-of-the-art features. Especially in terms of convenience Dark Base Pro 901 made a huge leap forward, with an easier inversion process and significant reduction of screws and small parts. Top and front panels can be exchanged for a choice in maximum airflow or virtually inaudible operation, fan and radiator brackets now feature an integrated hub with pogo pins, the I/O panel is touch sensitive and the wireless charger has been upgraded for 15W fast charging of compatible smartphones. Fans of big radiators can fit a 420mm model in the front of the case, while the pre-installed Silent Wings 4 fans ensure great airflow. Dark Base Pro 901 supports inverted layout installation, and the advanced VGA holder prevents sagging of heavy graphics cards.

Dark Base 701: Highest airflow and performance

Thanks to its open mesh design, Dark Base 701 aims for the highest airflow and performance with radiator support up to 360mm. As with its bigger brother, the Dark Base 701 supports an inverted motherboard layout and vertical GPU installation while offering professional cable management options and great cooling thanks to 3 pre-installed Silent Wings 4 fans. Removable fan and radiator brackets make installation a breeze. The tempered glass side window gives a superb view of the PC components, while two ARGB strips on the sides of the front panel provide beautiful lighting effects.

Straight Power 12: Future-proof ATX 3.0 power supply with 80 PLUS® Platinum certification

Straight Power 12 is the successor to the award-winning Straight Power 11 Platinum series. This premium power supply series is an easy to handle and future-proof ATX 3.0 power supply with 80 PLUS® Platinum certification (up to 94% efficiency), virtually inaudible Silent Wings fan and PCIe 5.0 compatibility. It handles massive power excursions with ease, features a funnel-shaped fan opening on the PSU case for high airflow intake, modular cable management with sleeved cables, up to two PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR 600W and four PCIe 6+2 connectors, and a massive high-performance 12V-rail. The series will consist of five models ranging from 750W to 1500W.

Shadow Base 800: Support for large hardware and 420mm radiators

Shadow Base is a completely new case series. It is focused on airflow for maximum performance. Shadow Base 800 is the first version as an airflow-optimized case that offers enough space for large graphics cards, E-ATX motherboards and 420mm radiators in the top of front of the case. The series will offer three models initially, which all feature an exceptionally high airflow: Shadow Base 800 is the base model, includes three Pure Wings 3 fans, and is available in black. Shadow Base 800 DX adds ARGB on the front panel, an ARGB controller, and is available in black and white. The third model, Shadow Base 800 FX, adds additional ARGB lighting by switching out the Pure Wings 3 fans for four Light Wings fans and includes a PWM and ARGB hub. It’s available in black and white. For all models, HDD and SDD installation is fully tool-less, rotatable PCIe slots enable vertical GPU installation, and the asymmetric PSU installation leaves more room for cables.

Riser Cable: Rock-solid vertical installation of your graphics card

For those who want to show off their graphics card to the world, or prefer vertical installation for other reasons, be quiet! also introduces its own riser cable. The riser cable is not just compatible with Dark Base Pro 901, but with all current and future cases that support vertical GPU installation. The riser cable has a support base that prevents sagging, enables high-speed data transfer for PCIe 4.0 cards, and has an elegant look with all-black design and flexible cables for convenient installation.

Aaron Licht, CEO of Listan GmbH: “It feels so good to be back at Computex, attending shows like these in person again. Even more so because the initial feedback on our new cases and power supplies at the show floor has been overwhelmingly positive, which is very encouraging. This proves that be quiet! is dedicated to offering its consumers high-performance, feature-rich quality products, with much more to come in the near future.”

Straight Power 12 1500W June 2023 $379.90 / €349.90 Straight Power 12 1200W June 2023 $274.90 / €249.90 Straight Power 12 1000W June 2023 $259.90 / €219.90 Straight Power 12 850W June 2023 $209.90 / €179.90 Straight Power 12 750W June 2023 $189.90 / €159.90 Dark Base Pro 901 June 2023 $299.90 / €319.90 Dark Base 701 October 2023 TBA Shadow Base 800 Black September 2023 $169.90 / €149.90 Shadow Base 800 DX Black September 2023 $184.90 / €164.90 Shadow Base 800 DX White September 2023 $189.90 / €169.90 Shadow Base 800 FX Black September 2023 $219.90 / €199.90 Shadow Base 800 FX White September 2023 $229.90 / €209.90 Riser Cable June 2023 $54.90 / €59.90


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