PauseHardware reviews Dark Power 13 1000 W 80PLUS Titanium

PauseHardware is back with an analysis of the Dark Power 13 1000 W 80PLUS Titanium from be quiet!. The review begins with an overview of the power supply's physical characteristics and features, followed by a look at the unboxing and contents of the bundle. The reviewer then proceeds to a detailed inspection of each side of the power supply, including the grille, connectors, cables and more. He continues: ‘But beyond the meticulous finish, it's inside that the real technical prowess is revealed. The top-quality components, carefully arranged, promise optimum energy efficiency and rock-solid reliability". The reviewer opens the power supply to analyse the technology behind it. Finally, he reviews the performance and noise levels, and gives a score of 10/10 for the results obtained in these 2 tests. At the end of the report, the media gave it a score of 9/10 and the ‘Coup de Coeur’ award.