Cowcotland reviews Dark Rock 5

Cowcotland is back with a review of the Dark Rock 5 air cooler from be quiet!. The review begins with an overview of the air cooler's physical characteristics, features and bundle. It highlights, among other things, the new look of version 5, which is now closer to that of the Pro 5, its magnetic mesh grille, simplified assembly, the fans supplied, and so on. The product exudes quality,’ he says. Now it's time for the assembly, which he appreciates because ‘as expected, installation is quick and simple, for both AMD and Intel’. As for the cooling performance and noise tests, the reviewer was very pleased with the results, saying that ‘for a model that looks rather simple, despite having six heat pipes, the Dark Rock 5 impresses’. At the end of the review, the media gave it the ‘Cowcot d'Or’ award.