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About Listan

It began back in 2000 as an online shop for PC components, selling directly to consumers in Germany. In 2001, we decided to introduce our very own brand with internal product development: be quiet!, our main brand, has grown to become the leading manufacturer of premium PC power supplies, cases, and cooling solutions around the world.

In 2013, we acquired the rights to the Xilence brand, a former competitor. With the acquisition of MOUNTAIN in 2022, we branched into a new category to leave our footprint also in the peripheral space.

While our headquarters are located in Germany, we have 5 offices in total around the globe and our teams operate internationally.

"Our success is based on uncompromising quality, innovative technology and continuous development. Every product is developed with passion and verified through rigorous tests for highest reliability." CEO Aaron Licht

Our formula for success

The secret of our success is not just the uncompromisingly high quality demand and the use of established as well as the newest technology, but also the urge for constant advancement: We never accept the status quo, our products are never "good enough". Quite the opposite: even the best ones can always be better! All of our components are being developed by our expert teams and continuously held to the highest standards. We are not interested in quick-and-dirty success but in solid and healthy growth. Each and every one of our products is made with passion, designed for the highest reliability and durability.

Since Listan was founded it has since grown from its humble roots into a globally operating company group with its product development teams and more than 130 employees, while always staying true to itself. We're very proud of not only the excellent quality of our products and the resulting very high customer satisfaction but also the very laid-back work atmosphere, offering a flat hierarchy, fast decision-making, and long-term employee retention.

2022 Acuisition of premium peripheral brand "MOUNTAIN"
2022 be quiet! celebrates 20th anniversary
2021 be quiet! records an annual turnover of 125 million euros for the first time
2019 - test First time more than 100 employees worldwide
2013 Acquisition of the brand „Xilence“
2010 First in-house developed CPU cooler
2009 First in-house developed case fan
2003 First in-house developed power supply
2001 Introduction of the brand „be quiet!“
2000 Foundation of Listan
130 Employes worldwide
303 Products: PC components and peripherals
6 Offices in: Germany, Poland, Taiwan, the Netherlands and the USA
2.952.511 Sold products in 2022
12 Product categories
3 Brands be quiet!, Xilence and MOUNTAIN


Address Wilhelm-Bergner-Str. 11c
21509 Glinde

CEO Aaron Licht

In 2022, Aaron Licht took the lead as the new CEO of the Listan Group, to usher the company into the future. Previously, his agency technikPR was responsible for driving all media and press activities and he himself has been integral to the success of Listan since.

Co-Founder & CTO Oleg Ushkats

Co-Founder and CTO, Oleg Ushkats has been driving the development of the company's product portfolio for over 20 years. Farsightedness and his uncompromising commitment to quality distinguish him and define his leadership style.

CFO Marius Pape

As CFO, Marius Pape combines extensive knowledge in the areas of accounting, controlling, corporate finance, supply chain and M&A. His experience with the transformation of finance teams and companies as well as the integration of add-on acquisitions are of great value for the further development of the company.

CMO Ole Grosstück

Creativity meets technology, Ole Grosstück has many years of experience in marketing of computer technology and consumer electronics. His gaming expertise, in-depth technical understanding and clear brand vision set him apart as the company's Chief Marketing Officer.

CSO Jan-Paul Meier

Jan-Paul Meier has been instrumental in shaping Listan's history for over 13 years. As Chief Sales Officer, he is a dedicated team player who successfully leads our sales teams worldwide. His extensive market knowledge and experience are just two of his innumerable talents.

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